What you think you know about plagiarism!

What you think you know about plagiarism!

If this is something you do not give a thought to, maybe you should.  We are inundated with knowledge in all areas of our daily lives and probably do not give a second thought about “repeating” something we have read, seen, or heard to others.  Social media postings included, if you say something that belongs to someone else without proper credit, you have plagiarized.

Our library class learned different examples of word-for-word and paraphrasing plagiarizing and possible consequences.  Celebrities that copy songs, dance moves, and other art can ruin their reputation and have to pay royalties.  Students receive internal disciplinary actions ranging from failing grades to expulsion.

We were able to take a test from the University of Indiana that allowed us to choose types of plagiarism and receive a certificate of knowledge at the end.  I was happy to know that I passed with flying colors in 7 minutes.  There is absolutely no reason or excuse for plagiarism.  Don’t do it.  Be original!!


One thought on “What you think you know about plagiarism!

  1. Some social media makes it easy to give credit, though! If someone says something you like on twitter, the retweet button just retweets their comment, with credit included. If someone says something interesting on facebook, you can just click the share button instead of going through the whole copy/paste process. (And who would have thought we’d get to a point where copying and pasting seemed like too much effort?!)

    Great job on this post, by the way!

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