Works Cited in Black Tie

Works Cited in Black Tie

A “Works Cited” page has always sounded and looked bland to me.  Especially after writing a lengthy report or essay.  (I haven’t written a research paper yet.)  But with an “Annotated Bibliography, references and sources can be dressed up to reflect their usefulness to a specific topic.

“What is Annotated Bibliography?” is a short video that puts a fun twist on the definition and purpose of writing one.  However, the article from Purdue Owl, outlines it in a more detailed way with examples.

We should all know by now that a bibliography is another title for “references” or “works cited”, also indicated by the OWL, but some may be confused about the “annotated” part.  Annotations are simply notes taken about a source you are using to write a paper.  You know, the notes that are scribbled on scratch paper or “rough draft” so you don’t forget to include the information in your paper and on the “works cited” page.  But to be more specific, these notes should be explanations, evaluations, comparisons, assessments, and objectives of the source in discussion.  Annotation takes the “cite” to another level (dresses it up) by adding a summary and/or an evaluation.

“Why is it Required?”  Based on the work we have been doing in class so far, I can say that we will be “annotating” all of our sources to prepare for our research paper.  This will propel us to do “early research, be selective of our sources and read more critically.” (video)

I believe that writing an annotated bibliography will not only help focus on a research topic but provide critical thinking and research skills that can be used in other classes and on future research papers.

In the future, I may choose to “play dress up” with my sources by annotating, even if it is for my eyes only.



3 thoughts on “Works Cited in Black Tie

  1. I always love your titles! What a cute way to look at this topic. You’re right, and annotated bibliography is more of a dressed up bibliography. I also think using annotated bibliographies in future writing could help a lot. It could really help us understand our sources better.


  2. I think you really understand the concept of an annotated bibliography! Really love the whole “dress up/black tie” theme you went with for the assignment. In addition you quoted and cited everything right. Great job, as always!!


  3. It also helps keep your notes tidy and organized! I keep a running annotated bibliography for research projects that I work on, especially since I may read an article and then not get back to working on that project for a couple of weeks or more because of classes, grading, etc. By the time I sit down to write up a paper about something, it may have been a year since I started the background reading. There is no way I’d remember which article is which on my own! So I highlight or underline key points in the article, then write the summary on an annotated bib. Since it’s just for me, I don’t follow rules about what should be there, I just focus on what is going to be useful for me. That way I can just read the summaries instead of skimming every article again!


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