Do you Stir the Pot?

Do you Stir the Pot?

Have you ever stirred a pot of water with  a spoon?  The water starts to swirl around.  You made that happen.  Without you, the water would just sit there without movement. We make things happen around us.  Whether it be by action or words.  For every action there is a reaction and for every word spoken there is a reply.  What do you make happen around you?

Every day I see people that are angry, hurt, lonely, misunderstood, and many other self-focused emotions.  But I do not see a lot of people that really understand where these emotions are coming from or why they are happening.  We are not responsible for other peoples actions toward us but we are responsible for our re-actions.  When we fail to take responsibility for our own actions and re-actions, then we suffer with negative emotions.  We have stirred the pot.  We have made something happen and not in a positive way.

Before you “stir the pot”, check your reasons for doing so.  Maybe it would be best to let the water simmer for awhile or you can always dump the water out and be rid of it all together.  The decision is yours.  You make things happen.  You create your own ripple effects.

Why stir the pot if you don’t need to?StirPot


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