About Me


I am a mother of 2, grandmother of 3, and have been married for 27 years.  I work as a part-time Bookkeeper/Business Manager at me church and am a Psychology major at the University of West Georgia. I am also in the process of obtaining certification as a Life and Wellness Coach from the International Association of Wellness Professionals and I am an Independent Distributor of Young Living Essential Oils.

Health and wellness by aromatherapy, inhallation, and massage
Health and wellness by aromatherapy, inhallation, and massage

I believe that we can heal our bodies and maintain health by eating healthy, maintaining an alkalinic body, and discovering natural ways to make this happen.

I tend to attract all animals within 100 miles.  I have had a donkey tied to the fire hydrant in my front pasture, a Pyrenees dog and 3 pups wander into the back pasture with a trailing pig, a hunting dog waiting at my front door when I came home from work, a horse running free down the 2 lane in front of the house right up my driveway to the barn, and a pony in the back yard trying to get into the pasture with my own 2 horses.  This does not take into account the horse, stray dogs, cats, and kittens that we have had to bury on our property.  I do currently account for and claim 2 rescue dogs, 1 rescue cat and 3 strays, 2 rescue horses, and the pony that mysteriously found his way to Dooda’s Ranch, which was named after my first G-Girl.



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